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Sradicati - Roghudi 06/08/2018

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Grecanica International Film Festival created by Mimmo Cuzzucoli with the municipal administration of Roghudi, presented, at the Access Point of Roghudi, a short-documentary of our friend actor and director Alessio Praticò named "Sradicati".

The actor, with the narrative voice of Carmelo Toscano, told the diaspora that the inhabitants of Roghudi lived, uprooted from their land with all their roots losing their culture, traditions, the Greek-Calabrian language but trying to keep alive, in these long years, their own identity.

Excellent presence of the dialect poet Pasquale Favasuli, of the storyteller Gianni Favasuli and Carmelo Maesano of the photographer Gianni Siclari, of the friends of the accordion, tambourine and bagpipe (Peppe Zindato, Diego and Saverio Fortugno), of the Kronos Arte association, with the exhibition of numerous paintings and Roghudi Artisans.

Thanks to the wonderful audience that filled our beautiful auditorium hall (forgive me if I forgot someone).

Richùdi pànda stin cardìamu (Roghudi always in my heart).

Thanks Mimmo Cuzzucoli.

Leonella Stelitano
Councilor for Culture
Municipality of Roghudi



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